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Our Paint by Numbers

Dogs: Men’s best friends for a thousand years

Of a dog, canid, or even a puppy, we can say “all bark and no bite”, which has come to apply to people as well. Whether an adorable puppy or a fierce carnivore, man’s love for his best friend transcends space and time.

Even a stray dog has appeal for some and can become the most faithful partner. With a paint set by number, creating artwork around this pet becomes a breeze.

Choose an art kit to create a work of art you didn’t imagine you were capable of. You don’t have to be a professional artist or an experienced painter. No mixing is necessary. Your puppy artwork will come with a unique frame.

A wide variety of dogs

If you are painting a canine, it is recommended that you observe the characteristics of the animal in detail because each pet has its own unique features.

Some dogs have a pedigree, which means they are of pure race; some have a long tail and others a small one. Some have a big muzzle. Some prefer to stay in their kennel, while others hate it. Some have sharp claws, others have thick, soft fur, small paws or big paws.

Their colors go from the purest white, like the White Swiss Shepherd, to the darkest black, like the sweet Labrador, through all brown and fawn tones, as the American Cocker Spaniel, or the Poodle.

Want more animals painting by numbers kits?

Being an expert on pigment and tone doesn’t hurt. It will make sure you bring an animals painting by number canvas to utter perfection. But it’s not an issue if you are not, as no mixing is needed, and our numbered areas can make anyone an artist. If you prefer wilder animals, wolves are closely related to man’s best friend, so check out this wolf paint by number kit.

When you paint, it’s important to follow the gradient. Many DIY kits come with a pattern and a template that’s easy to follow regardless of whether you choose to paint with oil or acrylic.

More of a cat person? Have a look at our cat paint by numbers to find the perfect painting, and start relaxing!

Did not find your perfect Dog DIY painting?

Could not find the perfect dog through our selection? Then you should make a custom pet paint by numbers based on your own dog. If your dog barks often, you might want to depict it sleeping. If your pet rarely barks, try to capture it in action expressing itself.

It is simple to paint by numbered area even when it’s DIY. It is an art kit with a board, on which the area to paint is indicated by light marks. Each area has a number and the color to use corresponding to that area. Begin with the basic outline and proceed layer by layer. A canvas is ideal because it enables easy brush strokes.