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Horses through human civilization

The horse is credited with the single biggest contribution to human civilization. This mammal is a strong beast (as in the draught horse or draft horse in the US) and a loving friend at the same time. The cowboy was a staple of the Wild West. An army was nothing without its cavalry. Horsehair is still used in some weapons.

A thoroughbred horse or pure-bred horse is worth its weight in gold. Peasants used the animal to harvest in the farm, and to carry heavy loads, and still do in some countries.

It has never been easier to paint a horse on canvas using acrylic paint and an art kit than it is today. What’s more, you don’t need to be a professional artist to do so. You can depict a horse team, a mustang, or even a stud farm.

An animal represented through artworks’ history

Many of the most famous paintings involve a wild horse in a neigh or horseback riding. This animal, especially the stallion, is a universal symbol of unrestrained freedom.

Horseback riding helps people experience freedom from the restrictions they impose upon themselves. Among the most famous artworks are The Headless Horseman, Lady Godiva, Napoleon Crossing the Alps on horseback, and The Fall of the Cowboy.

You don’t need much to paint a horse, just a canvas, a brush, and an acrylic paint pot with earthy colors and tones.

How do you paint one? It depends on whether you want to depict the horse by itself, still, or sleeping. A foal in a trot or gallop, with or without a rider, is also possible. A painter may choose to draw a stable and a stall or even the horse’s groom.

Want more animals painting by numbers kits?

If you prefer another animal, an animal paint by number canvas will let you create artwork with no mixing of paint and no need of special knowledge of pigment or gradient.

This is because there is a numbered area for every part of the picture indicating the color to use. With each area being assigned a number, a budding artist can master an animal he/she wants.

If you cannot think of any specific animal, painting a cow by numbers can be a good choice, and also comes with a unique paint set and a pattern or template.

Did not find your perfect Horse DIY painting?

You can customize your own equine setting from your own photo. Our dyes use silicone oils and are water-resistant, making them the perfect choice to create beautiful art. Equitation, or the art and practice of horseback riding and horsemanship, is a dream of many.

DIY art is one way to experience unbridled freedom. In lieu of putting the reins and saddle on your mount and disappearing into the sunset, get a customized paint by number art set today. You can draw a mare, a foal, or even something unique like gelding elements.