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Romantic mood: ocean sunset by the waves

Daydreams don’t belong to ordinary people, they belong to artists. Our sunset painting kit radiates a wave of emotions swirling across the horizon that reminds us how it is to feel alive. Like that exhilarating moment when you surf your first wave or swim towards the shore after jumping off a boat. 

When you think of the ocean, you can’t help but dream of an endless sunset and the romance that goes along with it. It's like that feeling of distant nostalgia that envelops us just as we watch the sun begin to disappear from the shore, thinking about the people we love. Oh, the tropical island dream!

Moments like these are inexplicable. Words lose their power and become futile when you try to describe it. So maybe a painting can do better justice when you simply can’t articulate. Try diving into a set of colored gradient and careful brushstrokes that bring you an artwork of your own. Immortalize fleeting moments and moods through art. What a way to de-stress from the daily grinds of life and immerse yourself in the world you’re creating with your own hands. 

Sailing on the seas with the perfect boat

A scenic and brighter view reflecting a day in the life of a sailor is a picturesque feeling. They are moods and emotions reflected through art; art that is nature’s gift to man. Sailing through the estuary towards the ocean area gives you scenic visions that are so close to perfection that you lose yourself in the process. 

There are different reasons why people sail: some sail to forget about home while others sail to a different continent or to look for one. 

Sailing is no different from painting — a canvas is a surface similar to the ocean, vast and often intimidating. The views are a framed artwork, not that of man but of nature. And that magical feeling of getting lost is in your art is like when a marine sail in endless blues, simply wandering and letting the current decide his destination. 

These perfect moments aboard your perfect boat are easy to recreate with a boat canvas painting by numbers template. It’s time to bring back those moments in your sealife with a ship painting kit

Which techniques use to paint the ocean?

How does Van Gogh do it? How can imperfect strokes capture so much emotion? Painting an ocean is not deliberate, it can be random and messy. The seafront can be calm and sometimes stormy. It’s an immense space that is more than just a ripple shade of blue. The techniques you can use to paint an ocean depend on your own style and how you want the ocean to be perceived. 

You cannot paint with colors and brushes alone to visualize your story, you need the mood to set your tone. A gradient of colors will help create light forms and patterns of the water— reflection, refraction, and the artist’s preference of depth differing dark with lighter shades. 

But all of these can be made easier with painting by numbers. You simply have to color the numbered area with the corresponding numbered paint pot. There’s no mixing needed with our acrylic paint sets as they are all ready to use. They’re all already the right pigment you need for your canvas. So, when do you want to start brushing those blues away?

Want more landscapes painting by numbers kits?

Dive deep into a variety of oceanic views with beach painting kits that will leave you relaxed and at peace after a long, stressful day. Get your own ship canvas or any other landscapes painting like a dyke and indulge your artistic side.  

Did not find your perfect ocean DIY painting? 

Everyone can be an artist of their own recollection. It’s just a matter of how animated you want your memories with the ocean to appear on your canvas and how you make your DIY painting stand out. Heighten your artistic rage and enjoy every stroke of it! Our kits are complete with your custom paint by numbers canvas, acrylic paint in sealed paint pots, four sets of brushes, and a guide.