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Extra-large paint by numbers for seniors

Do you have a spacious room at home, but you are unsure what to decorate it with? Perhaps you might enjoy hanging an extra-large painting, created by your own hands. By using large paint by numbers art kit, you can create amazing artwork without having any prior experience, and you will definitely feel proud of yourself at the end.

It might feel like such a project is too ambitious for you, but we guarantee that you will have an easy, relaxing time painting. You can find any paintings you want, from still-life to impressive, large-sized landscapes.

How to hang a giant canvas

Once you finish painting your very own big-sized artwork, it’s time to hang it anywhere you see fit! Firstly, it’s important to find a frame of the right size that fits your painting, whether it is tall or long, and then find wide, empty wall space to place it on. Having a measuring tape on hand makes sure you can find the ideal place that fits the size of your painting perfectly.

You might also keep in mind hanging it in a simple room with broad walls and few decorations so that your painting can really be the star and get everyone’s attention.

How to paint a large canvas?

You don’t need to be an experienced artist to give this a try. Painting on a huge canvas may feel overwhelming, but it can be such a therapeutic activity as well. It is always easiest to start big, by painting a gradient background and large shapes to set the tone, and get smaller as you go, by filling in the details.

If you choose to use a DIY paint set, all you need is a brush, water and a paint pot (oil or acrylic). No mixing of colors is required, so you can simply follow the given pattern and fill in each numbered area on the canvas with the required color.

Why do you need large paintings?

Large paintings will always attract the viewer’s eye. If you choose to create a large painting, you will always have a grand, impressive decoration that you will feel proud of, no matter if you keep it or give it away as a totally unique gift.

The best part about larger paintings is that you get to see all the small details in every area of the painting. In a DIY painting kit, all the colors that come with it have lots of pigment, so you can make sure the details are just as visible and impressive as the overall scenery.

How long does it take to do a wide painting?

The time it takes to finish a giant painting depends on every painter. If you choose acrylic paint, the colors dry quicker so you can finish faster. With oil, however, it takes a long time to dry, but you can still blend colors. It really comes to your choice, as the artist of your own masterpiece.

Did not find your perfect large DIY painting?

If you are looking for something more personal, you can choose a large DIY custom painting by number kit. Create a painting from a picture of yours up to 27.5x55in (70x140cm), and use it as a decoration or as a great gift for your loved ones.