About Us

Our Mission

To provide superior service in every aspect of our customer’s painting experience.

What Makes Us Different

We wanted to write "What makes us better" but we didn't want to brag. So here is a list of the things we do differently than our competitors. You'll then be able to judge if we're just another company, or if we indeed -try to be- are better.

 How we do business How most of our competitors work
We ship from the US and ship in 1 to 7 days in the US. They ship from China and ship in 3 to 4 weeks.
We make sure the finished will look exactly like the picture that's on our store. They don't control the resemblance and the final result is often really bad.
We have a strong packing tube to ensure canvases aren't wrinkled and that everything arrives in perfect condition. They fold and don't protect canvases, nor the rest of the kit.
We deliver "Wow" through awesome customer service. They barely reply to emails.
We have the correct licences and remunerate the creators of the original artworks. They steal and sell unlicensed artworks.
We're a legit business registered in Belgium and pay taxes. They're not registered and don't pay any taxes.

Our Story

Winnie's Picks was founded in September 2017 by Winnie & Gaetan, when they realised both of them had ordered paint by numbers online, but all of these purchases ended up being bad experiences.

They decided to create a safe marketplace where people could buy high quality paint by numbers and receive the awesome customer service they deserve.

In June 2019, Winnie's Picks designed a stronger and better packaging and partnered with a Californian warehouse to start shipping its regular paint kits from the United States.