Cabin in the woods

Adults paint by numbers of a cabin in the woods
Adults paint by numbers of a cabin in the woods
Winnie's Picks adults paint by numbers kit
Winnie's Picks adults paint by numbers complete kit
Winnie's Picks adults paint by numbers packaging

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Relieve your stress with the "Cabin in the woods" canvas.

  • Paint by Numbers is an amazing way to relax, to take your mind off of your daily stress and to find your inner peace. It also gives you the opportunity to feel accomplished once a painting is finished.
  • This hobby will develop your creativity without having to think about it and will make you be able paint beautiful pieces of art. Moreover it gives you great pieces of art to decorate your house afterwards !
  • It's Fun & Easy 

What's in the kit ?

  • a high-quality canvas with pre-printed numbered contours (size 40cm x 50cm or 16in x 20in).
  • one water-based acrylic paint set. Everything is ready-to-paint, no need to mix the colors.
  • a set of 3 brushes (1 small, 1 medium and 1 large).
  • a kit to hang your PBN once finished.
  • a complete and clear folder containing the painting instructions. 

In addition to that

  • We offer Free Shipping on all orders ! We ship your paintings for free anywhere in the world in around 12-20 days. If you order more than one 
    Express shipping is available at an additional cost.
  • We offer a 14 days full refund policy. Winnie's Picks is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee !

Feel free to send us an email if you have any further questions about our PBN !

Customer Reviews

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This was fun to do. It took about 3 weeks to do. Some of it was difficult to see so had a lighted magnifier nearby. I also ran out of the black paint which had to be found and purchased. Looking forward to the second picture I have gotten.


It was a joy to paint this pic. Not easy, teaches to be patient, but it is a wonderful feeling to create, to can follow, that with every colour the pic becomes more and more complet. Thank you!

I bought it for myself but my daughter loves it.

I bought it for myself but my daughter loves it. She's almost done.


I'm designer but I think this one very hard. unfortunatly, the colors are transparent and do more difilcult.

Sans titre

Je suis désolée, je n'ai pas encore commencé la peinture car je suis malade et je l'avais acheté pour le faire l'hiver. Mais apparemmment il y a beaucoup de petites surfaces et quelque grandes surfaces. Dès que je commencerai je vous le ferai savoir.

Nice, but took longer than most, not finished yet

I have had difficulties with this one, have had to go every part twice, some parts no numbers so had to guess, not finished, and running out of quite a few colours, also found some colours were very thick.
It could be nice when finished though.

Just about completed.

Just about completed. It's taken a couple of months, but it's very relaxing work.

I haven't begun this project as my cat likes to sit on my hands.

I haven't begun this project as my cat likes to sit on my does look beautiful on the canvas I can't wait to see it finished