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Relieve Your Stress & Create Beautiful Art.

Relieve Your Stress & Create Beautiful Art.

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Custom portrait paint by numbers review

My painting came out amazing

This was a painting of my grandson who passed away June 23 2017. I got the painting for my daughter Jackie to help with her ptsd from finding my grandson dead on my couch. And for my daughter Lynn the mother of my grandson. The painting was done in less gen a week and it came out amazing. Everyone that has seen it loves it. We are waiting on getting it framed.

- G. Bochniasz

Elephant herd paint by numbers review

My first paint by numbers

Wow, when I first got it , I was like Oh my gosh, it looked way to detailed and time consuming, not being an artist at all, and not being very patient I was like I can not do this. But I pressed on, I enjoyed it once I got started. I spent an hour a day on it, and it took me one month to finish it. Now I'm finished I miss doing it, can hardly wait for the next one to arrive.

- S. Gerber

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Colorful cat paint by numbers review


First one I've ever done!!!! Loved every minute of it. The picture is absolutely amazing. 😱❤️ Its helping with my stress and worry at this moment in time.

I was going to frame it and keep it. But my brother wants it in his front room.

- L. Morris

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How to paint by numbers?

Getting ready to paint by numbers

Step 1: Preparation

Get your brushes, paints and lay your canvas out on a flat surface. Pro tip: pour yourself a glass of wine ;)

Paint and match the numbers with the colors

Step 2: Paint & match

Start painting. You just have to match de number of the paint to the number on the canvas. It's time to take your mind off of everyday stress. 

Completed cat paint by numbers

Step 3: Admire & Enjoy

Sit back and admire. You now have a beautiful piece of art that you can use to decorate your home.

Adults DIY painting of violet butterflies

The Relaxing Power Of Paint by Numbers

let's start painting