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Paint by Number kits for Adults

SHOP NOW Relax & Create Beautiful Art

Relax & Create Beautiful Art

SHOP NOW Paint by Number kits for Adults

Give Yourself a Break and Create Beautiful Art

SHOP NOW Paint By Number For Adults

The Relaxing Power Of Paint by Numbers

let's start the therapy

It's Fun & easy !

Step 1: Preparation

Get your brushes, paints and lay your canvas out on a flat surface. Pour yourself a glass of wine for relaxing even more ;)

Step 2: Paint & match

Start painting. You just have to match de number of the paint to the number on the canvas. 

Step 3: Admire & Enjoy

You now have a beautiful piece of art that you can use to decorate your home.


This was a ton of fun, and the painting came out beautifully. This was my first Paint By Numbers, and I didn't realize, but it takes a LONG time to complete. I'd estimate it took me around 16-20 hours to do this, although I enjoyed doing it. This was a lot of fun and the final product looks great!


I'm actually still in the process of painting but I'm super pleased with this! The numbers are clear and easy to read. I bought this as a way to relax and help with my stress and it's working for me. A few hours a day all I do is this. It's really awesome to see your painting coming together.


I painted this a few hours a week for a few weeks. End product was amazing. Don't get creative! Just do the numbers in order, and do black last. Gives you a chance too correct any errors.