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The best collection of floral painting by numbers for adults

You don’t have to be an experienced painter to try an adult paint by numbers art kit! All you need is a paint pot (oil or acrylic paint), some water, and the desire to create beautiful artwork. Simply fill in the numbered area on the canvas with the right color, and then frame and show off your amazing completed canvas or give it away as a gift. Normally, the template is easy to understand and no mixing of colors is required, so you can have fun without putting in too much effort.

By getting your own DIY paint set you can paint daisies, sunflowers, cherry blossom trees, roses, tulip fields, and flower shop facades, so realistic that you will feel their perfume in your own home!

Yellow sunflowers, red poppies, and pink cherry blossom

Awaken the artist in you by trying your hand at floral paint kits! You can get the chance to paint a tulip or sunflower with a butterfly or insect on them or cherry flower trees and poppies in full bloom. 

For those who want a permanent summer feeling in their house, perhaps you would enjoy a Sunflowers painting by number kit. The bright tones of the yellow petals and the blue sky will surely make you feel the warmth of a sunflower field in summer. 

You may also like a Poppies paint by number, painted in tones of red meant to liven up any room. Poppies in full bloom symbolise courage and hope and are considered to be harbingers of peace in times of need. 

If you are looking for something more unique, then you could try out a Cherry Blossom Trees paint by number. In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are seen as a symbol of life and the renewal of nature and are celebrated every year through their famous Hanami (= cherry-blossom viewing).

Add a permanent bouquet to your wall

Perhaps you would like more variety of flowers to paint, in the form of a still-life bouquet.

A bouquet of flowers always livens up any room it is placed in. With a Blooming Still-life painting kit you may have the chance to feel like a florist, bringing the magic and beauty of many flowers into a single painting.  

For those who value softness and elegance, you might enjoy a Magnolia vase painting kit. Magnolias have always been considered a symbol of nobility and love for nature, and the gradient between whites and pinks gives it an extra feeling of refinement.  

Do you prefer flowers within a countryside landscape paint by numbers?

You may also feel like you want some Paint by Numbers kits depicting amazing landscapes, full of light and color.

The landscapes paint by number on canvas are large enough for you to fully represent each image in all its details. You can find painting kits depicting any scenery, all you need to do is think about what your favourite landscape might be. Personal favourites include flower fields, sea landscapes, and mountains.

The pigment in all the paints you get with your artwork kit makes sure your colors are intense, and your painting will stand out in every room you choose to place it in.

Flowers in painting, from Monet to Van Gogh.

Flowers have always been a subject in art, and numerous famous artists have worked on this subject, through all artistic movements. Now you can fully appreciate some of the most famous floral artwork and even bring it into your home through DIY painting kits!

For example, you might enjoy painting a serene, sunny afternoon with Monet’s Reading in Garden paint by number! Monet’s love for flowers was well-known and can be seen even today in the many floral still-life artworks he left behind. 

One of the most delicate flowers is beautifully represented in Van Gogh’s Irises paint by numbers. As a painter, Van Gogh loved portraying flowers using lively, warm colors, to show his positive feelings towards life and nature. 

How to paint realistic flowers?

It has never been easier to try your hand at painting still-life and beautiful flowers, even as a beginner. Flowers are considered a difficult element to paint due to their many small, delicate parts, but that doesn’t mean you should not give it a try! 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when trying to paint is using references. You can use a real flower bouquet or photos. Using references when painting real-life elements such as flowers is incredibly useful, as it keeps you constantly aware of details you might miss otherwise.

Another useful tip when painting any plant is that you should paint each of its elements one by one. Start from the inside, from the seed and the pistil, and move outwards, painting one petal at a time, until you fill in the area. 

Lastly, you can try painting by numbers to have delimited numbered areas, which will make it easier to paint all flowers elements one by one!

What is the easiest flower to paint? 

One of the easiest flowers to paint is the daisy. You can easily paint a beautiful, fragile daisy by using a small brush and acrylic colors (white and yellow), or you can always add smaller daisies to larger paintings, to add a bit more detail and magic to it. 

If you want to add some extra color to one of your rooms, then perhaps you would enjoy a Daisies paint by number. Simply by following the instructions contained in the painting kit, you can have a flowerbed of daisies flourish right before your eyes. Daisies are considered a symbol of peacefulness and stress relief, so a field of daisies in your room should bring lots of positive energy to it. 

Did not find your flowers DIY painting? Make a custom one!

Want to try our painting kits but haven’t yet found the right painting for you? You can also create your own paint by number, personalized using any photo you provide for us. This kit can be used either for creating paintings based on your favorite memories, or to create a thoughtful gift for a loved one.