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Finally Done!

Took me twice as long as I thought it would, but that gave me twice as much enjoyment. Great product. Looks just like the pic on their website when complete. Highly recommend!

Hiking Mt Rainer ❤️🏔

This is a picture I took on a family trip to Mt Rainer national park! We hiked for 5 hours and reached 1,400 ft elevation change! It was a trip to remember my grandma who passed, and I’m really happy the way it came out.

WILLOW girl.


Forever Smiling

My beloved dad passed away just a short time ago. He was my mom's one true love, her best friend, her heart, her everything. After he passed, she took up oil painting to pass her time and to ease her loneliness. So for Christmas this year, I gifted her with the one painting that she would cherish forever and ever. Our entire family's favorite picture of my dad and his infections smile. He was the light of our family. He put a smile on your face and laughter in your belly every time you saw him. Now, when we see this picture, we can smile too and remember how he made us feel. This painting was done with many hours of love and even a bit of tears mixed in the paint. It turned out even better than I imagined. Thank you, thank you with all my heart.
The grateful family of The World's Greatest Papa


I'm with Cherokee Humane Society near Atlanta, GA. At our annual silent auction, Max's family won the bid for a pet portrait!

I rescued Max and his siblings when they were just 4 weeks old. Max's family immediately fell in love with him and adopted him after he was fixed and chipped.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting him and the quality is excellent!

Thank you!!


This was great fun to work on, I did a little at a time over weekends so it took awhile to finish. I had fun going back over and doing some gentle blending and that made it a lot more beautiful to me.

A Christmas Village

The detail in this picture is amazing....the rust in the snow, the old car making the turn, the kids on sleds. This had great shadowing in it

Only 1/2 way done (the pic)

Another hint for good color coverage is to use acrylic flow improver added to pots -not water - flow improver thins down thick acrylic paint without losing color saturation and coverage.


Painted this picture for my little sister, she absolutely LOVED it

Very Nice.

It was a very enjoyable time painting the “Thatched House and Chickadees Under the Snow.” Kit. The results were great. I recommend it along with many other kits.


ballet retro

This was a joy to winnies is going to one of my Drs...his daughter is studying professional ballet!
It will be a christmas gift...

Audresselles Bridge

I could never of painted something like this on my own. I was VERY impressed with how it came out. Thank you for providing such beautiful paint by numbers to those of us that cannot paint without this. Framed it and now on the wall..


I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with this, but not only did I enjoy it myself, but I'm pretty sure others will enjoy it, as well. (So much so that I've added it to my Christmas list for several people!)

I love to paint with # it’s so relaxing and fun and the end result is amazing can not wait for the next one to start !!

Excelent quality canvas and really good acrylic paints. Very pleased with result. So much so I have ordered another custom PBN . I would certainly recommend PBN to anyone no matter what age they are. I am 76 years old and find it so relaxing . Looking forward to my new custom pic.

Harley and Jaxon

My painting of my daughter's dogs turned out so awesome that we got it professionally framed and it's on her wall for display. So happy with the end result!

Linda’s Three Musketeers

My friends son was tragically murdered last year so in memory of him I painted the photo she has on her phone screensaver of her three children together, who she always called her Three Musketeers. Shown is the actual photo and the painting that my friend is holding.

Crater Lake

I think this is the best one I have done so far! They keep getting better and better!!!!
Heres the original photo and my version.
Thanks Winnie's Picks!

Amazing colors

Superb quality! These vivid colors were a real pleasure to paint.

A happy hound

I really enjoyed working on my painting of my dog, June bug. In fact, I wrote about my experience on my website, take a look! I recommend Winnie's Picks for sure.

Custom couple

I sent in a pic of me and my hubby to have a custom piece made. Some of the numbers were tiny to see, but Overall the whole painting came out great and I absolutely love it!

Elephant Herd

I recently you had the chance to find myself some time to relax which is a rare occurrence with a toddler and was approached by Winnie’s picks to try their painting by numbers. I opted for the elephant herd as I love animals and the safari landscape.

The kit itself was fantastic, I found the overall stand or service lovely with fast delivery and secure packaging. The canvas itself was well protected and the inclusion of brushes, paints and smaller design picture was fantastic.

The brushes have an easy grip and mixture of sizes to really get into the smaller details and the pain applies with ease and does not appear thick. I did sometimes struggle to follow the print outline as it was harder to see during high sunlight shining in.

The painting itself I found relaxing, with time passing away very quickly. The intricate pattern made me focus on that and being able to tune out and relax is exactly what I needed!

Whilst my paining is yet to be finished and I’ve put in almost 4 hours already I’m excited to see the design and paint come to life and cannot wait to see the final result.

If you are looking for a new way to relax, I would highly recommend using Winnie’s picks.


This is a duplicate as it would not let me give 5 stars in the first one.


Did this painting for my sister's best friend and surrogate sister when I am not around. She and my sister love all things beach......

Love this unique painting

I sent a picture of Léon, my little corgi. 3 weeks later, I receive the kit packed in a strong cardboard tube. Loved every minute when painting and I couldn't be happier with the final result! I just have to frame it and I'll be ready to hang it in my living room.