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I painted this custom photo for my best friend for her birthday and she loved it. It was amazing how realistic the photo turned out! Whenever I have free time or bored I am always painting my winnie paint by number. I probably spent over 50+ hours on this photo!
I loved this custom painting so much I got another one! Unfortunately, I misplaced 1 of my 35 paints. I reached out to the support team and within a day they said I should receive a shipping confirmation and my new paint set will arrive within 2-4 weeks. I am so grateful!
Winnie picks is seriously amazing! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fun new project!

Family Hike

My sister, Haley, and a painting of a family hike! Loved this challenge over the holidays!

Husband's Happy Place

I had lots of fun doing this painting. It is for my husband's man cave. His hobby is restoring old cars, so this was a perfect choice. It was an easy piece to do, not super detailed. I have been very happy with the pieces I have received from Winnie's Picks. I love how they come in a tube! Paints were good quality. I had it framed at Michael's.

Sunny and Munni

Painted picture of my fiancée and I that gave to her on Christmas. She was so excited and was in tears from this. Thank you Winnies picks for making this special.

Sarah and Penny

My sister Sarah and her little Boston terrier Penny. Didn’t she do a great job?!

Coat of many colors

Love this painting! It was simple, yet fun to see its colors pop throughout the different stages of completion. Winnies Picks has the best paint by numbers kits. Thank you for the quality, and wonderful service you provide. I look forward to ordering more paintings from Winnies Picks!

My cat Ragnar

This is my cat Ragnar. I sent Winnie's Picks a picture of him and they sent me a paint by numbers. I love it! I turned out great. I'm waiting for my next one of my cat Toby.


This is my 3rd painting from Winnie Picks. I cannot give them enough stars! I’m painting each of my grandchildren I have 3 more to do and cannot wait to paint the next one! You CANNOT go wrong with ordering from this company. Its so easy and all you need is a real good fine tip brush. In this painting I took the hotels out of the background with just a stroke of the brush. Now back to painting. ❤️❤️

Wedding Day!

I bought this custom painting for my wife as a gift to celebrate our first anniversary, the photo is from our wedding day and my wife and I had a blast painting it, we really got into it and we even stayed up very late some nights because we couldn’t stop painting jajaja. We loved how it turned out and we will soon be hanging it in our house. Amazing gift for any occasion!

Beach Lighthouse

Had a wonderful time making it. Love being able to capture and enjoy this memory together. Picture was taken summer 2019 when I visited my parents and we walked a bunch of beaches. Giving it to my parents as an anniversary gift

Abstract and Modern Colorful Cat

I started painting earlier this year and had put this particular kit aside to do as one of my next pieces. My thirteen-year-old daughter had been watching me work on a large painting for several weeks and asked if she could do one. I pulled this kit out and she began painting right away because everything is included! She spent two evenings painting and is extremely proud of her beautiful, colorful piece of art. I am happy that she had a good first experience and look forward to sharing this hobby with her as we find more delightful pieces to paint.

Lucy Lu

This was my very first PBN - it was done as a tribute to a dear friend’s dearly departed kitty. I think the likeness is pretty close but, there were some numbers I couldn’t read even with a magnifying glass and others that were way larger and darker than they needed to be. Overall pleased and I plan to order another soon (this time from one of my landscape photos).

secret lily pond.

Loved it.

La Fromagerie

My daughter now lives in Austria so I thought a quintessential French-themed painting would be the perfect reminder of home. What better idea than a cheese shop!

I really enjoyed painting this Winniespicks, especially because of all the little details. I am very pleased with how it turned out and I hope your viewers can enjoy it too! Notice how I personalised one of the street signs with my daughters’ name. She is delighted with the gift and it now hangs proudly in her kitchen in Vienna.

Norwegian Fjord Cabin PBN

I was pleasantly surprised how well this turned out!
I really enjoyed painting this one and will picking another soon.

Bruce Springsteen

My boyfriend’s favorite musician is Bruce Springsteen... he listens to him all the time. So I thought what a cool idea it would be to paint him Bruce!! It turned out amazing... second piece I’ve ordered and love them both. It takes a lot of time and patience, but the outcome is worth it!! Thank you so much!! I know more of Winnies picks will be in my future!!

Mini Surprises

This PBN has been a delightful surprise from start to finish! As I painted each section, I discovered the artist in the window, the waiter and male companion on the veranda, the kitty crossing the plaza, and the woman taking a rest. I loved the challenge of simplifying the design to match my beginner's talent and even changing up the color design a bit.

2018 Charleston Wedding

In May 2020 my son gave me one of your paint by number unique projects to do as a birthday gift. This painting represents a photo from his wedding. It was one of the best gifts that I ever received especially during such unprecedented times I am far from being a talented artist, but I found this to be great therapy and relaxing. I worked on it on weekends and finally completed it today. Thank you so much!!

would recommend

So, I bought one image from winnie's picks and another from a different company called "paint numbers," and there were pro's and con's to both, but I would recommend both, honestly! Winnie's picks doesn't accept all images due to pixilation criteria (perfectly understandable), which is why I had to go with "paint numbers" company as well, because I wanted to paint what wasn't accepted by winnie's picks. The painting with three people in it are winnie's picks, the painting with two people in it are from the "paint numbers" company. (I also made a third painting by the "paint numbers" company that I couldn't upload, as I can only upload 5 images.)

The pro's to winnie's picks is that the packaging is phenomenal, they give you a little paper with instructions, they give you a mini image of what the painted image will ultimately look like, making you feel formally prepared and confident enough to begin with! The painted image turned out recognizable, and cute. I also like that all the winnie's picks paints come in already numbered, whereas the "paint numbers" company has you put the stickers on yourself, with a paper instructing you, but I really didn't have a problem with that. Both companies had nice brushes and paint, no issues there. Winnie's picks feels very formal, fun, and professional.

-Three winnie's picks con's: while the mini image of what the painted image will turn out like is encouraging, "paint numbers" instead provided a mini "blue print" image, which provides a small paper to look at while painting, so that you don't lose track of what number you're filling in. All of the spaces can get confusing and it can be easy to lose track of which number is supposed to be where, especially as they're getting covered. The blue print image was helpful. However, what you can do is just take a picture of your canvas before you start painting, as a handheld, digital blueprint to help yourself if you get lost in the numbering on the canvas!
-Second con: the canvas that you're painting on is textured, so you have to put more layers of paint to fill in the textured canvas, which lead to me running out of paint for some background colors. Luckily I had back up paint that looked similar.
-Last con: the shadowing was slightly off. Two out of three people in the winnie's picks painting has a shadow casted on the face, and their faces look brown, instead of shadowed. The original image doesn't look nearly as shadowed as the painting, but the painted image still looked passable! So that's ok with me.

My recommendation for someone that is doing one of these paint by numbers projects: If you're going for an easy painting, pick a simple photo with a plain background. Any textured cloth, material, or flowers in the photo will require a lot of numbering. Anyway, I improvised when I got sick of background details. Start out with the background to get some practice, but you don't have to be as much of a perfectionist with the background. As long as you get the faces perfect enough, the background doesn't have to be stressful. I ended up doing some improve on all of my paintings. Also, if you're particular enough, you can get your own brushes. But honestly, you don't have to. I only bought my own brushes so that I could feel a little bit more "fresh" with my next approach. But the brushes you get are fine either way, as are the paints themselves. Also, as I mentioned before, if you buy here from winnie's picks, *take a picture of the canvas before you start painting.* It's helpful to look at if you get lost in all the numbers that you're filling in. That's all. I love winnie's picks! I feel confident in this site!

My two main problems are the textured canvas (that required paint layering to cover the texture, which made me run out of background paint, but I got my own paint to fix that) and the facial shadowing being kind of off. Like I said, it still came out nice. Each painting took me a couple days. Have fun with it!

Spokane Parkade

When my wife and I moved to Spokane, WA from Seattle, we fell in love with the architecture that reflected the growth of a city born in 1881. Most of the orginal, large buildings burned to the ground in 1889, however, the city was still young and the leaders quickly rebuilt. Many of these buildings remain a vital part of Spokane's downtown core even today. Although we love the Victorian look and feel of Spokane's city center, our favorite building is a parking garage. The Parkade was built in 1967, and is a snapshot of the architectural aesthetic of the times. Its majestic curves can be seen from far away, as part of the skyline, and also from close up, as one walks around the perimeter or saunters through the courtyard. One finds surprising spirals, swoops and scallops all around the grounds. Even its function as housing for cars reflects the major impact that automobiles have on the American culture, and the, still popular, desire of Spokanites to shop and take care of business downtown. It is part funky, part Pierre Cardin, and all retro. My painting is an homage to my favorite time-stamp of Spokane's skyline, rendered in the retro style of paint-by-numbers.

3 cozy farm dogs

My family has three rescue labs that they love so dearly. This is probably the only picture they have that captures all three being calm. As a gift I decided to paint it and give it to them to have forever. The perfect gift!! Highly recommend to beginners and intermediates!

Ruby doobie

Love it ! It turned out so beautiful.

Sisters in Thailand!

This past Christmas, my sister and I both surprised each other with a Winnie's Picks paint by number! We laughed so hard when we realized what we had done. I gave her a picture of us from a family trip to Thailand and this is her working on it. She gave me a picture of my dog, Nugget :)

Kiss in Spain

My husband and 4 kids were in Spain right as the pandemic hit. It was the last international travel we’ve been able to do. This is a Moment of calm before chaos and a cherished memory!

She just turned 100 yrs old!

I absolutely loved painting her, this is from when she was in her twenties. This is my second painting. I love every minute of it... It is so profoundly rewarding. Best money ever invested. She will be thrilled to see it!!!