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This is for my neighbors because he died in late August. The original picture was posted on FaceBook. It’s still being worked on, but I should be done with it in a few days


Did this painting for my sister's best friend and surrogate sister when I am not around. She and my sister love all things beach......

Love this unique painting

I sent a picture of Léon, my little corgi. 3 weeks later, I receive the kit packed in a strong cardboard tube. Loved every minute when painting and I couldn't be happier with the final result! I just have to frame it and I'll be ready to hang it in my living room.

Breakfast in the Woods

Very intricate but I love the finished painting!


I ordered this picture because it reminded me of my grandmother. I was so pleased when I received the package. The canvas was great quality and the paints and brushes was better than any I have ever used. Thank you for a great quality product.

A Walk at Low Tide

Very pleased with a canvas as well as the quality of the paints.I've had a couple of other paint by numbers from other sources and I think this was the best quality canvas and paints.

Flowers I. A vase

Absolutely loved doing this painting have done a few but have run out of room to hang anymore but gonna still keep painting.


This is my 10th Winnie’s pick project. It has taught me a lot about perspectives ♥️

For my Mother

My first project that I started just a few weeks after my mother passed away. Several painting projects later this is still my favourite ♥️


I love to paint and Winniespicks are wonderful and relaxing to do !!

Trolley Of San Francisco - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
Great picture

This was fun to do and the picture came together really well. Hung it up at work and had some great comments.

The Lonely Mill - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
Lonely mill

Very happy with how it turned out and service from winniepicks. 😍

Peace and Tranquility

This is a wonderful painting to start with from Winnies collection. It brought me great peace and tranquilty and is a great way to unwind and calm the body, mind and soul. This form of art has definitely become my new favorite hobby. Thank you for great quality artworks.

Sunset over the Lavender Field - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
Calming fields

This is such a peaceful and calming picture and I was so relaxed while painting it 💁🏻💐💕

Abstract Colorful Deer - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
Having a BUCKing good time

Challenging and extremely calming. Very DEER to my heart. Will definitely be buying more of these

Cute Hedgehog - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
This little one

It was not easy a lot of small #
But I’m happy with the results
It relaxing me and looking for to do the peacock

Majestic Peacock - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
Magnificent Challenge.

Since I am in my Peacock phase of life I could not wait to do this painting, my 2nd pbn. I was shocked when the background colors were different than the photo. But I enjoyed the result more. I used a 10x magnifying light on the tiny areas, recommend a printed map be included in the kit for ease of reading. Time is not a concern for me, I enjoy the escape from the stress of life that comes from working on these projects!

The King Unicorn - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
I love it!!!

No commentaar!!!

Wild Flower Field - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
Wild Flower Field

I loved the play of purples, blues, greens and splashes of white and bright yellow. It is forgiving too - I made a few mistakes and overall it came up alright 💁🏻💐💕

My painting came out amazing

This was a painting of my grandson who passed away June 23 2017. I got the painting for my daughter Jackie to help with her ptsd from finding my grandson dead on my couch. And for my daughter Lynn the mother of my grandson. The painting was done in less gen a week and it came out amazing. Everyone that has seen it loves it. We are waiting on getting it framed.

Red Rose Under a Cloche - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults


Tranquil Daisies - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
Beautiful daisies

This was my first PBN and it was a lot of fun but like I have read from others there needs to be a little more paint for the areas that require a lot of one color. Getting ready to start my second.

Thank you so much for your review, Cindy! I'll send your lack of paint comment to our development team but feel free to contact us (we'll send you more for free) if that ever happens again!
Tilly Dog

Found this way of painting quite easy to do. Some of the numbers were so small on the canvas and paper that I couldn’t make them out. The wall which is behind Tilly I used artistic license and changes the colours , there was too many darks and black. I would have like to blended the paints but the dried very quickly, such small areas? Pleased with the finished picture. I did change some areas of to prevent it looking too artificial. Good way of passing a few days, wet weather hobby.

The Meditative Woman - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults
Easy to paint.

This is a good picture for beginners because it is easy to paint.


First one I've ever done!!!! Loved every minute of it. The picture is absolutely amazing. 😱❤️Its helping with my stress and worry at this moment in time.
I was going to frame it and keep it. But my brother wants it in his front room.