Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers Portrait photo to custom paint by numbers Portrait custom paint by numbers What's in a custom paint by numbers kit Custom picture of dog by numbers Pet custom paint by numbers Winnie's Picks adults paint by numbers complete kit
Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers Portrait photo to custom paint by numbers Portrait custom paint by numbers What's in a custom paint by numbers kit Custom picture of dog by numbers Pet custom paint by numbers Winnie's Picks adults paint by numbers complete kit

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers

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Bring your favorite photo back to life with a custom paint by numbers. You might want to paint a family picture, a loved one, or your own pet. Whatever you prefer, it is a unique and personal way to preserve your memories.

A personalized painting by numbers will also make an amazing gift. Just imagine receiving a hand-painted artwork from someone you love!

Read Me - Photo Guidelines

  • The final painting will depend on the picture you send so choose it carefully!
  • High-quality closeups with good lighting & contrast work best
  • The simpler the background the better
  • Avoid blurry pictures, bad lighting, strong shadows & backlightings
  • Make sure you crop your image to fit the canvas
  • Use portraits of maximum 4-5 people to clearly see the faces

More info? Check out our complete photo guide

How it works?

Upload my picture

Up to 36 colors for the best result

Control of each picture by a designer

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Frequently asked questions

What's in the art kit?

Each made to order paint by number kit contains everything you need to get started & to finish your canvas.

For the curious, here's the exact list:

  • A high-quality canvas rolled in a strong tube - Certified wrinkle-free.
  • An acrylic paint set - No mixing required & more than enough paint to complete the painting.
    The 24 colors version can range from 20 to 24 paint pots and the 36 colors version from 32 to 36 paint pots.
  • A set of 4 brushes - You can start painting straight from the box.
  • An A3 paper chart - In case you painted the wrong color in a specific numbered area.
  • The complete painting instructions - Perfect for beginners as well as for DIY fans.

Shipping information

Please allow on average 3-6 weeks to make and deliver our tailor-made custom templates.

It's definitely worth the wait though, just read the reviews below!

We offer free US shipping on all orders.

Free worldwide shipping on orders of USD $50+ (a flat USD $9.95 fee is asked for orders under USD $50).

Custom paint by numbers are made at our factory and are shipped from overseas. We're working hard to be able to make & ship them from the US. We hope to be able to do that by mid-2021!

What’s the difference between 24 and 36 colors?

Broadly speaking, the more colors you select, the best resemblance your custom paint by numbers will have with your original picture.

With the help of specific softwares, our designers will scan your image and select a color palette to create your custom canvas. The more colors they can choose, the more details and pigments they will be able to add on your custom pattern.

Need help ?

Josephine, Christina, Norelsa, Yathin or Gaétan - well, all the team will gladly guide you if you have any questions regarding your made to order paint kit or if you need assistance choosing your pictures.

Feel free to send us a message ( and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 276 reviews
Love of the Flower

I have photos of flowers I have saved from photographers I love on Instagram. I then turned it into art I want to frame!

Ruth and Bodo

Just finished my custom painting for my mother-in-law. It's of her and her dog Bodo.
Happy birthday Ruth!

My Pup

Zoé is a 10 year old Cavapoo. She is just the Best! I really enjoyed painting her.

My Toby 💕

I received this paint kit for Christmas from my son. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. It was so easy and I just love the final product. I hung it over his bed

In-law in heaven

My girls father passed recently and his celebration of life is coming up and I painted this to be the central piece in the ceremony. Needless to say it brought tears to her eyes. It came out fantastic and I'm glad I decided to dedicate the time to get this finished. Just have to get it Framed now and it will be ready.

Picture Perfect!

Just had to share another photo...
Found a place to showcase my first ever Winnie's Picks paint by number .
It is hanging under a painting that a friend of my Mom had painted of her dog 'Mugsy' back in 1947.
My dog 'Reuben' is proud to be one of the models in my painting!
His best friend 'Emerie' unfortunately left us at the end of 2019.
Such a great remembrance ♡

In Memory of Ike

Very faithful to the photo. Detailed, which is what I like to paint. Ike's "mom" cried when she saw it!

Summer Days

This is a beautiful photo taken on our daily lockdown walks here in the UK. My parents in the states miss us as much as we miss them so I send daily photos. This particular one they surprised us wiht my turning it into the paint by numbers. My daughter did it and it is so lovely!

River Girl

River is a 3 year mini Australian Shepherd and our son’s service dog. I had no idea that painting would be so much fun and rewarding. I shared my painting and my great experience with friends and family and now they are ordering paint kits too.
The color palette was spot on and the instructions were easy to follow. Winnie’s Picks also has some of the best customer service staff that I have ever experienced. (Thank you, Norelsa!!) They take care of your every need.
Like many others before me have said, “I have already ordered my next custom kit!” Give it a try, you won’t be sorry!

My Grandkids

My son got me a paint by numbers of my two grandkids for my Birthday and I am amazed how real to life it is. You guys did a great job and I am very pleased with my painting.

Pet paint by numbers

You love your furry friends and you would like to create a special memory to cherish for the rest of your life?

You are looking for something special, that really captures the moment and that enables you to relive it every time you look at it?

Custom Pet By Numbers is the way to go. You can upload your pet’s favorite picture above, and our team will take care of the rest.

To get the best result, make sure to take a great shot of your little companion. How? Well, first make sure they’re at their best, then avoid any blurry shots because it will not give good results, natural lighting is ideal to have the right luminosity on your picture and ultimately on your painting. Also, the simpler the background of your picture is, the better the end result will be.

A Pet by number is also a great way to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially when it’s your best friend and your little companion through your every move. You can pay tribute to their memory by creating a personalized painting by number that can be later framed and be a part of your home.

Can I turn a photo into my own personalized paint by number?

Immortalize your favorite memories and make your own paint by numbers template with Winnie’s Picks. Whether it’s a picture of your pet, family, loved one, ex-boyfriend, or special friend, we can do it for you! Well, as long as it passes our photo guidelines.

You can check out our photo guide for more information on what would make a good custom paint by number image. The better you follow our guidelines, the more realistic your painting will be.

We like to use acrylic paint instead of oil as our medium because acrylic paint is more versatile. It’s also water-soluble. So you can rehydrate it if dries up using warm water. Our custom paint kit is complete with everything that you need to get your painting done.

Photos are a great way to capture moments, but paintings are way more personal. Everyone can take a photo, print it, and frame it but paint by numbers are special. The level of details these custom photos require will take the painter in you to an all-new level of artistry.

This project is also a great way of saying, “hey, I love you and I put in a lot of time and effort to create this painting especially for you". Talk about going the extra mile.

Paint by number generator

How do we create our paint by number templates? As much as we would like to handcraft it all for you, we cannot! But it is the 21st century, we have technology on our side. At Winnie’s Picks, we use our own image processing tool to convert your picture into vector graphics.

To get the image right and ensure that we can process it to a realistic paint by number canvas, you have to make sure that the image is cropped to the right size of the canvas and is not pixelated. The higher the quality of the photo, the easier it is to process. The smallest side of your photo should not be less than 750 pixels. If it is, you should find a new one.

Although we have our own designers that help convert your photo the best they can, it’s best if you can find a photo with a simpler background. The simpler the background, the more colors you can use on the actual subject.

The maximum color palette that paint by numbers usually have is 36 for a maximum of details. If your photo uses more colors, our software works on an algorithm that cuts the number of colors that you have to use for the painting to just 36 colors max or 24 paint pots if you want to make it easier.

Where can I buy the best custom paint by number kits?

If you’re looking for the best custom paint by number kits, you’ve come to the right place. Custom paint by numbers is pretty much synonymous with Winnie’s Picks.

We offer high-quality personalized kits complete with your chosen canvas painting rolled in a tube, a set of four brushes, a unique 24 or 36 color acrylic paint set, an A3 paper chart in case you paint the wrong color in a specific numbered area, and painting instructions to guide you through the painting process!

Custom canvass are available in all kinds of sizes, from 16x16in to 27.5x55in. Our kits are perfect for beginners and more advanced painters alike.

At Winnie’s Picks, we pride ourselves on our easy to follow ordering process and top-notch customer service.