Free & Printable Paint by Numbers

Take a break and have some fun with this collection of free, printable paint by numbers. This collection is mostly composed of adults paint by numbers yet nearly all of them can also be painted by children. As long as they’re well focused 😊

If you’ve never painted anything like this, I strongly recommend taking a look at these paint by numbers tips. We also offer beginners kits for those who want to get complete sets (16x20in/40x50cm pre-printed canvas, the paint set, and 4 paintbrushes).

What will you get?

The free kit contains 5 paint by numbers charts. The charts measure 16 by 20 inches (40 x 50cm) but you can print them with your home printer onto any smaller paper format.

How can I know the color I have to paint?

In addition to the sketch, you'll receive a color chart and a picture of the final painting. That being said, you don't have to follow it! Be creative and choose the colors as you wish.

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  • I have enjoyed one paint by numbers kit and am now on my second.


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