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First paint by numbers

Wow, when I first got it , I was like Oh my gosh, it looked way to detailed and time consuming, not being an artist at all, and not being very patient I was like I can not do this. But I pressed on, I enjoyed it once I got started. I ran out of one color but was able to adapt . I spent an hour a day on it, and it took me one month to finish it. No finished I miss not doing it, can not hardly wait for the next one to arrive. Once done with this one , it sure did not look right until I saw it from a distance and it all came together.

So nice to do

I finished this one in one week and it is very satisfying to do.

This is the second one I've done and I am planning on buying one for a Christmas present . I found it very relaxing, especially with an audio book to listen to. The kit contains everything you need to create a beautiful picture which I will frame and put on my wall. It took roughly three weekends to complete. Some of the lighter areas needed going over twice as you could see the numbers underneath, the smaller areas may need the help of a magnifying glass.

Grandpa Nap

I did this one for my hubby to put in his room. I enjoyed painting it.

Very theraputic

I really liked my painting!!!!!
Very easy, entertaining. My kids want one!
I ended adding green (which it did not include) and a couple of trees. But I'm definitely buying another


After using other painting by number sites no one comes near the quality of your canvases the detail is excellent. To date I have painted six and starting my seventh. A number of my friends have now taken up painting.,What a wonderful pastime. Looking forward to some new canvases.

hawaiin scene

was very fun to do. relaxing.

One for the newcomers to this hobby

I have painted several paintings before this and found it did not tax my abilities, nice if they could be given stars as to how difficult the paintings are to complete.

I felt as though I was on that River

Once again a joy to paint, very relaxing and rewarded with a lovely painting

An amazing picture

A feeling of calm as I painted this picture, a delight to paint and a joy to show In my home.

Pink flowers

I enjoyed painting this. It turned out pretty good. The only thing is, there were quite a few places that didn't have a number and it left me not knowing what color to use. Also, a number of them were either too small or blurred to read. It really made it difficult not knowing what number to use.

San Fran picture.

Had just enough paint to finish the very dark colors. The painting came out beautifully. Can’t wait to get it framed and hung. Give it 5 stars.

Very happy with the results!

The colours are very different from the picture, had some doubts when I was painting. It turned out very well, though. Very happy with it.

It was a joy to paint this pic. Not easy, teaches to be patient, but it is a wonderful feeling to create, to can follow, that with every colour the pic becomes more and more complet. Thank you!

When I saw a friend’s painting by numbers picture I loved it and decided I would do one myself. I saw your advert and instantly fell in love with the ‘field of daisies’ picture. I have spent many happy absorbing hours painting it. The little tubs of paint which you send with the canvas are very good and the paint brushes. I completed it today after proudly showing it to friends on Facebook. I received lots of ‘likes and comments’. I have taken a photo of it for you to see. Next I will get it framed and will hang it on the wall by our dining table in the room. It will look beautiful there.

Just finished this painting and waiting for my next one. What a wonderful pastime. It certainly not just for the young, I'm in my mid Seventy's and would recommend painting by numbers to anybody young or old. I have looked at a number of other sites on painting by numbers but would come near the quality of your range of paintings. Looking forward to painting many more. A number of my friends have now taken up painting now.

I was surprised with the colours of this painting. When painting it looked so different from the picture given but I am pleased with the finished result.

It was amaizing experience I finished my picture¡¡ ❤❤

From far off, I think the painting looks quite nice, but up close you will notice that the colors differ (quite a lot) from the colors in the picture on the website and also that the painting is not as detailed as it is in the picture. Some lines were really difficult to paint because they flow into one another and become quite small. I think the price/quality ratio is good and even though the frame is simple, it gives a nice finishing touch to be able to hang your painting on the wall.

Stunned Cats - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults

This was great fun to do! I would strongly recommend Winnie's Picks!

Stunned Cats - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults

It was a pleasure to paint this picture. Winnies Picks have a reliable service, and I would strongly recommend them!

Stunned Cats - Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults

I really like the picture and I like painting it. But some colors don't cover the numbers...

I’ve purchased two paintings and I have enjoyed them both. More to follow. Thank you